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Broken Toy book about Mickey mouse Broken Toy

The story of the mouse that was patented and trademarked MICKY before Disney's creation!

Did you know that Disney allegedly sued a small toy company out of business - after Disney came out with their mouse two years later!

Broken Toy is a true story never before completely told about the mouse before Disney's Mickey!
It is the unique story of a wooden toy and a man's struggle
to achieve his dream in difficult times and against overwhelming odds!
Five years research has brought this amazing treasure!

Used as a resource by PBS History Detectives

In these senior years of Mickey Mouse it seems unlikely anything new could possibly remain unknown about the past of our favorite rodent, but it seems he may have had a predecessor. Broken Toy covers, folklore and documents about a toy company who made the first Micky, Disney history, 1929 patent law, the George Borgfeldt connection in New York! Broken Toy contains 60 figures, pictures of antique toys, Mickey Mouse pictures, Disney advertising, Disney patents, Mickey Mouse trademarks.

"Follow me to see the true story about the MYSTERY mouse made before I ever appeared in the movies as Steamboat Willie."

Micky Mouse Picture prior to Disney, Broken Toy Antique Mickey Mouse Picture from Disney

"You thought you knew everything about Mickey Mouse, but in Broken Toy-- you'll see what you missed.
Broken Toy shows and explains the MYSTERY mouse you missed!"

The first mouse Micky --------------------------------->>>
Not Made By Disney

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Press Release

Mickey Mouse's Long-Lost Brother

The Broken Toy fills in Disney History and is the Mickey Mouse Source

Brighton, Michigan - As the depression started creeping into the lives of every American in the late 1920s, two visionaries were troubled about the most unlikely subject a mouse.Broken Toy: A Man's Dream, A Company's Mystery (now available through any bookstore distributed by Ingram,, and by Craig Andrews traces the history behind a persistent belief in a small Pennsylvania town that the makers of a wooden toy mouse named "Micky" and Walt Disney, the father of Mickey Mouse, actually crossed paths as their unique creations occurred almost at the same time.

Five years of research allowed Andrews to give an accurate account of the struggles of Performo-Toy Company's president Torrence Dietz, the company's history and its wondrous toys, including the enigmatic wooden mouse "Micky".He gives the readers rare background information on the history of Walt Disney, details about Mickey Mouse's formative years and tries to objectively explain how, when, and why an encounter between Dietz and Disney should have ever happened.Broken Toy also presents numerous pictures of toys now considered collectibles, as well as patents and trademarks related to cartoon and toy characters of the late 1920's and early 1930's, making it an absorbing read and valuable reference for collectors.

Readers will also get a lesson or two in history as the development of Dietz's career and growth of his company are reconstructed and intertwined with world events. In the face of a depression Dietz and his associates allegedly found themselves worrying about what would turn out to be futile discussions of possible patent and trademark violations as a result of the unmistakable likeness of their Micky and that of Disney's."The primary objective of this work is to uncover the background of the mysterious Performo-Toy Company and within that scope to present the struggle of one of the principal architects of the company, Torrence Dietz, who stood nearly single-handedly ... until the end," Andrews notes.

Broken Toy, a biographical nonfiction book, may be ordered from any bookstore and is distributed by Ingram Book Group
Broken toy is available as paperback or hardcover.
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Broken Toy is a key source for American history buffs, Mickey Mouse and Disney fans,
people intersted in seeing old Disney patents and trademarks and Mickey Mouse pictures,
information on George Borgfeldt collectibles, the Performo-Toy Company, and Middletown PA.


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